About Us

about us


Tigerworks is a t out and refurbishment contractor, servicing top-tier clientele in the Greater China Region in retail, commercial, oce and residential sectors. Established since 2012, we work incessantly to conduct business responsibly, to create and deliver project solutions that ultimately create mutual benets and value for our customers, as well as for our suppliers who have supported us in the years we work together. Founders of the company together have over 15 years of experience in the industry.


We commit to delivering projects in a timely and accurate manner. Being a result-oriented team, we stress the importance of communicating with our customers and suppliers throughout the process, to understand their objectives and concerns. We believe this is the cornerstone of successful and ecient project delivery. We care about the sustainability of our work, and strive to perfect every aspect of it through providing excellent maintenance services, including 24-hours emergency service calls to handle unpredicted incidents for our clients in need.